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Our Gallery of Gifts Show and Sale at the Dorchester Center for the Arts, 321 High Street in Cambridge MD, is the jewel in our 2015 crown. Featuring gift-giving art, priced to attract shoppers, three dozen artists have worked together to create this extravaganza that includes toys, fiber art, pottery, jewelry, books, photographs, weavings, glass art, and much more. For more information, click on "Contact Us" and just ask.

The arts center opens at 10 a.m. Monday through Saturday. During December, it will be open on the following Sundays: 6th, 13th and 20th.  You can call the arts center at 410.228.7782.

In September, at Showcase, we guided visitors as they created colorful, showy, attention-getting paper hats. We had more than 100 men, women and children come into our tent to have fun. As they left the tent, each and every one had a smile on their face.

In September, Sarah Senior showed her canvases that were created for use in the theater. It gave us some appreciation for the challenges of  producing large pieces that will be viewed from a distance. Fascinating!

In October, some of us went to the Phillips Art Museum in Washington DC. Here you see a couple of Wednesday Morning Artists contemplating Luncheon of the Boating Party by Renoir. This exhibit was truly amazing.

Margo Koehler shared her art and some of her techniques with us in September. Her animal drawings are truly life-like. It's no wonder so many people ask her to create drawings of their pets. 

In August, some of us went to the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore. It had a remarkable collection of art. We had a great trip, lots of fun together, and a delightful lunch.

Bob Tolley, accomplished artist and founder of art programs and institutions was our visitor in mid-August. He talked about his experiences and let us in on some of his secrets for creating great paintings.   

Here in August, we held an Artist Get-together. We invited the Friday Morning Artists of Easton to meet with us at Bolingbroke Park in Trappe, Maryland. We brought our art for show and discussion. The food was unique and pretty.  

Our guest in early August was Patrick Fanning, Chef and co-Owner of Cambridge Eateries. We learned about his extensive background in the culinary sciences and  he talked about some of the challenges of operating multiple restaurants.

We helped to produce the second annual Plein Air Cambridge event (a part of Plein Air Easton). on Wednesday, Kirk Larsen came and painted US!  On Friday, the artists painted around town, had a wonderful free lunch by Katie Mae's, and we all enjoyed the wet paint sale on High Street.

Paul Clipper, Editor of the Dorchester Banner Newspaper came to see us in June. He told us about his background, how he came to live in Cambridge, and about the operation and challenges of running a newspaper. 

We're involved in our community's art scene

We work to beautify our community

We show our art at other places

We show our own work at meetings

We have lots of visitors and programs

Barry Hurley, owner of the Copy Shoppe, came to see us in May to show the capabilities of their new equipment. It can make beautiful, large prints with superb quality.

The Harriet Tubman Museum and Educational Center welcomed us in April. Here you see Bill Jarmon telling us about Ms. Tubman's experiences, family, and heroic activities. We are proud to have such an intrepid lady as a part of our community's history.

A recent visitor was well-known photographer Dave Harp. It was fascinating to hear about his techniques and to see his marvelous photographs. He's talented, dedicated, creative and patient.

Once a month, we have our Art Forum. Members show their creations--sometime just to share them and sometimes to get comments or ideas for improvement. In April, Jack Gray showed his watercolor, Deborah Kennedy showed her travel sketchbooks and one of her souvenirs, Janette Jones showed her glass jewelry made under the tutelage of Paul Winters, Paul showed his glass cross, and Heidi Wetzel showed her "funky" baskets.

For the month of April we had a large exhibit at The Annex, a part of The Hatchery, a complex that also houses The Art Barn. This picture shows only a small part of our large and diversified  exhibit. Of course, all pieces were for sale.

On February 25, Joyce Fritz Ritz told us about her varied and fascinating career in puppet-making. She's been involved in some major projects that required some masterful engineering. Here you see a few of her very small puppets.

It's March 25. We went to visit Downtown Frame of Mine to learn more about matting, framing, and about copying, printing,   and conservation of art and photographs. Owner and framer Doug Turner was generous with his time and his knowledge.

And here's Mike Starling talking to us on February 18th about the exciting new community radio station that he is starting in Cambridge, WHCP.

Dorchester Center for the Arts' Executive Director, Mickey Love, was our visitor this March 11th morning. We learned a lot about the challenges and the forward-looking plans of the center.

Jill Basham, renowned local artist, came to visit with us on a cold February 11th morning. It was fascinating to hear about her background and her painting techniques.

WT Hunt Insurance Company at 436 Race Street in Cambridge hosts our permanent exhibit and sale. Here was the basketry exhibit and sale of Heidi Wetzel and the oil painting exhibit and sale of Anne Allbeury Hock. Currently, the oil paintings of Deborah Coffin Kennedy are in place.

We'll be creating those wonderful displays for the Dorchester Center for the Arts' front window. 

Susan Williamson, Visual Arts Coordinator of the Carroll County (MD) Arts Council, was our speaker on one cold  January 14th morning. She gave us lots and lots of good advice and ideas for marketing ourselves and our art.

Come join us if ......

    ...you love art, or

   ...you have a lot of education and/or experience in art, or

   ...you have no art education and/or have never produced a piece of art in your life. or

   ...you are a self-taught artist, or

   ...you'd like to make art but don't know where to begin, or

   ...you don't want to make art but would like to be a part of a fun, active organization.

Ann Geiger, Lisa Krentel and Paul Winters, Lisa Krentel and Ann Geiger were the Artists (teachers) for the Dorchester Center for the Arts' annual Guest/Artist event that took place on April 18.

This summer, Paul Winters taught a class in fused glass continuums, Jeanne Ewell taught watercolor painting, and Ann Geiger taught how to make a nature-inspired ceramic vessel and ceramic flowers.

Our first Last Wednesday Presentation of the year was by Wendy Rue and Pam Decraecke. On January 28th they each talked about their backgrounds and how their experiences have influenced their art. Wendy and Pam showed many of their photographs, explained how the pictures were taken, and why these particular shots intrigued them.  

We  look forward to putting on more shows , finding more places to exhibit, enjoying more speakers, holding more seminars, and having more fun (if that's possible) in 2016 . 

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