Updated February 22, 2015

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Well, here we are in a brand new year, looking forward to putting on more shows , finding more places to exhibit, enjoying more speakers, holding more seminars, and having more fun (if that's possible) . 

Our first Last Wednesday Presentation was by Wendy Rue and Pam Decraecke. They each talked about their backgrounds and how their experiences have influenced their photography. Wendy and Pam showed many of their photographs and explained how the pictures were taken and why these particular shots intrigued them.  

Each year, some of our members teach classes at the Dorchester Center for the Arts. Paul Winters, Lisa Krentel and Ann Geiger are the Artists (teachers) for the Dorchester Center for the Arts' annual Guest/Artist event that takes place on April 18.

Come join us if ......

    ...you love art, or

   ...you have a lot of education and/or experience in art, or

   ...you have no art education and/or have never produced a piece of art in your life. or

   ...you are a self-taught artist, or

   ...you'd like to make art but don't know where to begin, or

   ...you don't want to make art but would like to be a part of a fun, active organization.

Susan Williamson, Visual Arts Coordinator of the Carroll County (MD) Arts Council, was our speaker on one cold morning in January. She gave us lots and lots of good advice and ideas for marketing ourselves and our art.

And we'll be creating those wonderful displays for the Dorchester Center for the Arts' front window.  Here is January's window. It says "Whew! A New Year."

2015 will see more beautiful exhibits in the WT Hunt Insurance Company windows on Race Street.

Jill Basham, reknown local artist, came to visit with us on a cold February morning. It was fascinating to hear about her background and her painting techniques.