Updated February 10, 2016

Next week, Wednesday, February 17, we will be viewing Lust for Life, the full length feature film about Van Gogh's life. It stars Kirk Douglas and Anthony Quinn.

Paul Winters, Jeanne Ewell and Ann Geiger are already on board to teach classes at the Dorchester Center for the Arts in Cambridge, Maryland, during 2016.

You can drop in on us at Creek Deli in Cambridge, Maryland, on most Wednesday mornings at 8 a.m. Or, you can send an e-mail to ncsnyder@aol.com or you can call 410.463.0148, or you can simply go to Contact Us.

The Cambridge Women's Club invited us to address their January meeting. The topic was The Role of Art in the Development of Cambridge.

Here in January, some of us assembled at the home of a member to see Modigliani (the movie). It was an intriguing look at the artist's life and his struggles. He was a driven individual as was Picasso, fostering an intense, life-long competitive relationship. 

Here in January, we have had our first speaker of the year. Multi-talented Kathi Ferguson came to talk about they way  she blends her love for the written word with her painting and drawing skills. She's just completed a piece for What's Up Eastern Shore about the Dorchester Center for the Arts.

And we are back filling the front window of the Dorchester Center for the Arts with interesting displays.The heating blowers bring this window to life by moving the crepe paper streamers.

On February 10, Jill Jasuta visited with us. She's a creative photographer who is anxious to try new things. Her adventuresome attitude has led her to many interesting and challenging projects.

And here is our February window at the Dorchester Center for the Arts. It highlights the upcoming classes and seminars of Chris Carter, an extraordinary artist.

And the following week, Wednesday, February 24, we are going to have a roundtable discussion about pricing one's art.

Come join us if ......

    ...you love art, or

   ...you have a lot of education and/or experience in art, or

   ...you have no art education and/or have never produced a piece of art in your life. or

   ...you are a self-taught artist, or

   ...you'd like to make art but don't know where to begin, or

   ...you don't want to make art but would like to be a part of a fun, active organization.

We  look forward to putting on more shows , finding more places to exhibit, enjoying more speakers, holding more seminars, and having more fun (if that's possible) in 2016 . 

2015 was a pretty spectacular year. You can see it by "mousing over" Looking Back (above) then sliding to 2015 and clicking.

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