Updated August 17, 2014

Plus, we are devoting more time to seminars and workshops about artists, art and art-related subjects. Recently, we've had 5 of our own members take the time to talk about their backgrounds, their passions, their art and to demonstrate how they create their wonderful works of art. 

Here's what's happening NOW! 

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Here you see Paul Winters showing one of his artistic glass windows. This program gave a wonderful introduction to handling and cutting of glass, the types of glass, and the details that an artist must consider when designing and creating a piece. Paul brought lots and lots of examples.

Ann Geiger  told us about her professional background  in product design and how it led into the art that she loves. Here's just one example of her hand thrown pottery. She teaches pottery classes at the Dorchester Center for the Arts. 

Bob Ritz, having a degree in set design, detailed some of the considerations necessary when creating a set. These include the director's requirements, the lighting engineer's needs, the various planning drawings, the  scale models, and the actual set production.

Deborah Coffin Kennedy has been immersed in art since childhood. Deborah showed many  of her scientific illustrations that have been used  in professional publications. She has earned many awards for her paintings as well as her illustrations.

Terry White is a lady of many arts.  One of her passions is folk music . So Terry brought her guitar  and gave us a toe-tapping concert of  some of her favorite songs. She is well known and has played and sung at many area events.

On August 27, Master Photographer Fran Saunders will talk about her photography . She's active in several organizations and is a graduate of  the New York Institute of Photography.    

We anticipate having more shows and more places to exhibit in the coming months. Also, we will be taking more excursions to area and regional art venues.