This is Katie Clendaniel, Executive Director of Cambridge Main Street. She came to see us in March to bring us up-to-date on what's going on and what's changing in Cambridge. This is a lady of boundless energy and lots of good ideas.

Our member, Robert Gladney, is teaching ceramic decoration to a group of students who came through the Eastern Shore Hospital Center. The completed plates were a diverse and colorful collection of creative ideas--beautiful and amazing.

Wednesday Morning  Artists and Friends Gallery of Gifts 

The show will be open through Saturday, December 22. Here are a few pictures from our receptions.

Wire-wrap Jewelry by J. Ritz

In early May, we gathered to see Moulin Rouge. This was the original film about the Moulin Rouge cabaret where Toulouse-Lautrec made many sketches of patrons and dancers. Great movie. Very good pizza. And fabulous company. 

Painted Glassware by L. Uncapher

Our first movie of the year was Goya's Ghosts. We enjoyed snacks and some movie time together in mid-January.

Tina Johnson, Program and Event Coordinator at the Dorchester Center for the Arts, visited with us this September morning. Well-qualified and talented, we are delighted to have her join us.

The Dorchester Center for the Arts is located at 321 High Street, Cambridge MD. The arts center is open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from noon to 8 p.m. It is open Friday  and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. For any additional hours and more information call 410.228.7782.

Carol Feierabend designed and installed this Dorchester Center for the Arts window to promote the local businesses. Nicely done, Carol! 

Zen Drawings by T. White

Early in January, Will Dennehy talked about the development of his painting skills and he brought paintings to show the progression. His work was always good but now is truly spectacular, as you can see.

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Baskets by H. Wetzel

​Here's some of what we DO have: speakers, roundtable discussions, movies, exhibits, studio tours, art museum visits, seminars, selling tips, the Funnies, and more. Here's what we DON'T have: elections, Board of Directors, by-laws, or dues. It's free!  

July saw us at the Dorchester Community Hope Center (in the huge building near Walmart) for a show and sale. Wonderful location and we had a productive and fun day. Here is Christiane Williams showing her fiber art to her customers.

If you are an artist in any genre or if you just love art, come to see us. We do lots of varied things and you will find us a fun, friendly group in any case. We meet most every Wednesday morning at 8 a.m. at Creek Deli in Cambridge, Maryland. You can contact Nancy at or 410.463.0148.

Here's a little piece of the April window at the Dorchester Center for the Arts that was put in place by Sue Lester, Betty Papson and their team. April showers do bring the May flowers.

Some of our members teach classes in Cambridge, Maryland, at the Dorchester Center for the Arts. Here you see Will Dennehy, Robert Gladney and Paul Winters. Painting, pottery and fused glass--why not try it?  


Harriett Tubman jewelry by H. Taylor

Joy Staniforth, community leader and shop owner, talked with us about methods, techniques and tips for selling art. Her talk was right on point and there was much wisdom in her words. Great lady!! 

Painted Boxes by G. Williams

Fingerless Gloves by C. Williams

This  6-week year end extravaganza is now open and continues until December 22, 2018. It is a spectacular show and sale at the Dorchester Center for the Arts. Chock full of original art that is designed, priced and sized for gift-giving, you won't want to miss it. And while you are shopping with your friends in mind, it is likely that you will find something for yourself. Tell your friends about this exhibit.  Like us on Facebook and share with your friends.

Susan Williamson, Visual Arts Coordinator for the Carroll County Arts Center, imparted some of her wisdom to us. This lady is smart, creative, energetic and humorous. What a combination!

Our Summer Reception in August for area artists was a great success. It is always inspirational and fun to be with like-minded people. The day was beautiful, the food sensational, the art remarkable--all in all, a wonderful afternoon. We had music by Terry White and art that included paintings, photographs, fiber art, basketry, and more. 

Thanks to Sue Lester and her team, we are again keeping the Dorchester Center for the Arts' front window looking beautiful. Here is the window for February.

Loving Vincent, a movie told around the animation of Vincent Van Gogh's art, was our entertainment in March. This was quite a spectacular presentation of his troubled life.

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