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And, of course in December, 2009, we had our annual Small Works Show at the Dorchester Center for the Arts, our third.

Of course, we had our booth at the Dorchester Center for the Arts Showcase fundraiser in September.

We created a donation for Pleasant Day Adult Day Care Center's Festival of Wreaths in November, 2009. We had great fun with this 16-pane window. After cleaning and re-caulking the window, we took an original colored drawing, cut it into 16 pane-sized pieces, and distributed them to 16 artists. Each "did their own thing" and eventually we reassembled the pieces into the window. It produced an astounding final result.  Each square was different: a couple were done with acrylic, some with watercolor, one used fabric, one had some glitter.

We had a wonderful plein air paint-out together in June of 2009.

In 2009, much of our time and energy was put into helping with the beautiful mural that you can still see at Cannery Way, the park in the heart of the town of Cambridge. Using the unity of the Choptank River, the mural shows the early Native American life, the tomato crops and processing, the sailing, the oystering, the jazz, and the develop- ment of the town.

In December of 2008, we had our second Small Works Show in the Main Gallery of the Dorchester Center for the Arts. There was lots of art priced for gift-giving, lots of viewers, and even a small admirer.

In 2008, a major fire severely damaged two buildings on the main street of Cambridge. We worked on the mosaic-adorned panels that beautified the otherwise charred facades.

     After the panels were removed, they remained on display for a while longer at various places around town.

     It was a labor of love and lots of people joined in the effort.

We did some great things in our early years. Here's 2008 and 2009.