Updated December 15, 2018

Throughout this year, we exhibited our art work in the big front windows of the WT Hunt Insurance Company building on Race Street in Cambridge.

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And every December, we put on our holiday show with art priced for gift-giving. The show is now called Small Works and Other Good Things. See us at the Dorchester Center for the Arts. This is our 5th annual show.

Pleasant Day Adult Day Care Center again holds their annual Festival of Wreaths. We always try to help by distributing gifts and making a donation to the silent auction.

And in August we produced hand-painted canvas bags of many sizes for many different uses: cell phone cases, shopping bags, wine sleeves, and so on. We sewed lots of styles and painted them using various methods. They were extremely popular.

Then Lynn, one of our members, conducted a seminar on photo books.

In March of 2011, we produced ceramic bowls for the Food Bank's Empty Bowls fundraiser. This was a labor-intensive but fun project. As you can see, we had skilled potter "throw" the bowls.  Other artists painted the creative designs. Then the bowls were fired. At the event, people paid $12. This  got them a bowl of their choice filled with soup and the fixings to go with the soup.

And here is the wonderful year of 2011.

From February to June of 2011, The Banner, one of our local newspapers, ran an 18-week series on us! Each week,  a full page was devoted to an individual artist. A photo of the artist accompanied information about the artist's background and hopes for the future. Some artists offered opinions about our community and about art-related things. Also included were photos of the artists and their art.  Here are a few images of the printed pages.

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Here's 2011's September Showcase event.