Updated December 15, 2018

And we installed more art-inspired windows at the WT Hunt Insurance Company building on Race Street.

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We won an award for a display of Skipjack art.  Here we are with some other award winners. 

The Dorchester Center for the Arts invited us again to present our Small Works and Other Good Things show in December. This is our 6th annual show.

For the Pleasant Day Festival of Wreaths, individuals made items to honor the facility's house cat.  Here's the poster showing a composite of the pieces.

And the pet bowls went to Showcase with us.

We made ceramic pet bowls of all kinds: large, small, round, oval, plain, fancy. Our potters created the bowls. Our artists painted the designs. The the potters fired the bowls to finish them.Fun! Fun! Fun!  and profitable.

Anne, one of our members, conducted a seminar about color mixing.

In November, we had our second exciting show at the Hyatt Chesapeake Regency Resort.

By invitation from two different conventions, we had shows at the Hyatt Chesapeake Regency Resort. The first was in April.

In 2012, we had some fun and had some great shows.