Updated December 15, 2018

Here's one of the windows we installed in the front windows of the WT Hunt Insurance Company offices on Race Street.

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Journey to Freedom Quilt that now hangs at the Harriet Tubman Museum in Cambridge.  Those who worked on the quilt were invited to sign their names to it.  More than a dozen teachers took part in the quilting bee.

form. We had 175 guests in the gallery. A highly regarded Inuit expert spoke about the culture and the art.  We had a fun and popular educational activity that let our guests design and construct their own inuksuks ("markers" of stone used by the people of far northern Canada). And we held an exciting silent auction of artists-created inuksuks. The foods were intended to replicate foods of these interesting and creative people.

Our guests dined on hors d'oeuvres and enjoyed table centerpieces that featured the avacados, tomatoes, and asparagus found in the photographs. The pictures will give you some idea of just how very special these creations were. Our docents answered any questions that  guests had about the exhibit.

hand-painted aprons for a silent auction. The appetizers were very special. Some were Santa heads that you will see in the pictures here. This show was so wonderful that we've put lots and lots of pictures here. They're worth your time and effort as this is typical of the wonderful things of which we are capable. 

2013 was a year of tremendous growth for us.

For almost two years, we've kept the front window of the Dorchester Center for the Arts decorated with creative and interesting subjects.  This was all thanks to a few of our tireless members. 

 2013 was the 100th anniversary of the death of Harriet Tubman. She was part of a movement among abolitionists and the enslaved, later dubbed the Underground Railroad.  As a tribute, we created the symbolic, colorful

Our second Opening Night was held in July of 2013 along with the Inuit Art Show in the Main Gallery of the Dorchester Center for the Arts.   This show came from the collection of Jane and Steven Bailey, long time collectors and dealers in this unique art

In February of 2013, we staged our first Opening Night in conjunction with the food photography show of Coleman Sellers at the Dorchester Center for the Arts.

We always participate in Showcase, a fundraiser for the Dorchester Center for the Arts.

We had our 7th annual Small Works and Other Good Things Show at the Dorchester Center for the Arts through the month of December. With it, we staged our third Opening Night.  With lush holiday decorations, it featured

In 2013, we had a very successful fund-raising project with our Line  Design Plates.  We produced and sold over 800 plates, each decorated with

an artist-created design that was transferred onto a china plate and then fired. Many were sold as sets of 4 or 6, nicely packaged and finished with a ribbon. These were so popular that we took orders and continued to make plates long after the inital offering.