​​​Michael Rosato is known around the US for his breath-taking murals. They appear on buildings, in homes, and are the backdrops for permanent exhibits in many museums. He's a dedicated and dynamic artist who has worked diligently over the years to expand and refine his talent. His enthusiasm is contagious.

Take a look at our active and fun 2016.

We spoke to the Cambridge Women's Club about the impact of art on the community. We want to make Cambridge better. Here you see Nancy Snyder.

Our members have the opportunity to exhibit and offer their art for sale in the front windows of the William T. Hunt Insurance Company on Race Street in Cambridge. Here you see work by Cynthia Miles, Sue Lester and Susan Dickinson.

We made a donation of a wreath with artist-painted stars to Pleasant Day's annual Festival of the Wreaths fundraiser. We love doing this. Here you see Wendy Rue, Lissa Barnes and Terry White.

2016 was one of our most active years ever! We had 10 speakers, 2 studio tours, roundtable discussions, kept the art center's front window full of attention-getting displays, helped a local charity raise some money, showed our art in a downtown commercial location, saw a couple of movies about artists, taught some classes, and put on an outstanding year-end show at the arts center.

The Painting Room is Cynthia Miles' studio. She entertained us in July with stories about her artistic history, the construction of this wonderful building, the memories and memorabilia of her family, and delicious muffins made by her mother.

Updated December 15, 2018

Here's a look at our Gallery of Gifts year-end show at the arts center. For 6 weeks, we and our friends presented a wonderland of holiday gifts. Look for it again next year--even bigger and better.

Our members love to teach at the arts center. Here are Paul Winters, Jeanne Ewell and Ted Muller--three of the very best!

We had roundtable discussions about creating artist biographies and artist statements.

Throughout the year, we had 10 visitors each of whom talked to us about themselves and their art. Very informative and lots of fun: Maureen Farrell, Cynthia Miles, Daniel Dvorak, Bob Porter, David Grafton, Anne Watts, Lisa Skibenes, Kathi Ferguson, Jill Jasuta and Ted Mueller. If you "mouse over" these photos, you will learn a little more about them. 

We watched full-length films about the lives of Modigliani and Van Gogh (Lust for Life).

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We do our best to keep the front window of the Dorchester Center for the Arts filled with interesting exhibit and program related displays. Here you see the windows from January, February, June and November-December.

We had two wonderful studio tours. One by Michael Rosato. The other by Cynthia Miles.