Updated September 3, 2017

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There's quite a group of us. Listed below are our artists and members who have personal information and/or pictures of their art work on the pages in this web site.

Decraecke, Pam Montell       Photographer, Painter

Feierabend, Carol                  Writer, Puppeteer

Jones, Janette                         Graphic Designer, Copy Editor, Gallery Coordinator 

Kennedy, Deborah Coffin    Painter, Print-maker, Sculptor, Illustrator

‚ÄčMcKenzie, Lois                       Painter, Photographer

Mueller, Ted                           Photographer

Ritz, Joyce L. Fritz                  Artist/Designer

Rue, Wendy                            Photographer

Saunders, Fran                      Photographer

Starling, Linda                       Jewelry Designer

Stone, Marilyn                       Painter 

White, Terry L.                       Writer, Musician, Jewelry Designer, Doll-Maker

Wednesday Morning Artists