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     I grew up on a small dairy farm in Red Hook, New York. But most of my adult life was spent in Vermont.


     My mother and father both had artistic aptitude and their talents were passed on to their children and to their grandchildren.  Even though we all use our artistry in different ways, all of us--my two sisters, my son and daughter, my nieces and nephews--are involved in some form of artistic expression. My mother taught my sisters and me to sew, and we've each used that skill in different ways.  I discovered, after making stuffed animals for a while, I had a flair for design, and enjoyed the "action" of puppets far more than the immobility of cuddly stuffed animals. For 26 years, I had a successful puppet business called FireRobin Puppets.

     Reading and writing have always been pleasures for me too. In high school, I won a national essay contest with a rather suffy piece written to appease my English teacher. After that surprising experience, I dabbled in fiction writing while in college. I write a lot these days. Each story that I write is my favorite--while I'm writing it--then the new one becomes my favorite. I've entered two writing competitions and won first prize in each, and both led to publication.

Carol Feierabend

Writer, Puppeteer  

Updated December 15, 2018