Updated November 8, 2018

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     I continued my education at nights, studying Environmental Design, Architecture, Interior and Industrial Design. So I left the gas company and joined District Design Company, a firm that provided space planning and design for the building boom of the mid-60s in and around Washington D.C.  From there I went to an architectural firm in Hyattsville, Maryland.

     In my early 30s, I had my first art show at a small gallery in College Park.

     My wife and I eventually moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico, and I opened my own architectural design firm, Thaddeus Design. I began carving and sculpturing and had success showing with some of the local galleries. 

     Eventually, we returned to the eastern US and settled on Maryland's Eastern Shore where I was introduced to plein air painting. 

     Today, I do all of those things that I love: sculpt, paint, render, carve.  I also travel, ski, swim, fish, hike and camp.  Some of my sculptures and paintings are shown here.

     I had art in my soul right from the start. I've always been interested in all expressions of art, primarily sculpture. I've always drawn, and throughout my career, I did lots and lots of renderings.

    After high school, I went to the US Air Force. I spent four years in Germany as a Flight Crew Engineer and when I returned to the US, I took courses in the Engineering Department at the University of Maryland Extension Program. This led me to a job in the Engineering Department of Washington Gas Light Company.   

Bernard Gibbons "Dave"

Painter, Sculptor, Artistic Carver