Updated December 15, 2018

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the museums and churches. To this day, I stay motivated thanks to the art museums.

     I work primarily in oil paints but have used acrylics and watercolors. I've made woodcut prints, collages, mosaics, and ceramics. I've also done sculpture and craft work. For a period of time, I worked as a scientific illustrator, usually involving ink drawings.

    Over the years, I've won many awards from many shows including the Dorchester Educators Show, the Academy of Arts in Easton, and the Dorchester Center for the Arts. 

Deborah Coffin-Kennedy

Painter, Print-Maker, Sculptor, Illustrator


     As a young child, I lived in Cincinnati, Ohio, where my father was Dean of the Cincinnati Art Academy. When I was 6, he took me to the Saturday drawing classes and always encouraged me with my art. When he changed jobs, we moved to Scientists Cliffs in Calvery County, Maryland. 


     As a young woman, I spent extensive time in Florence, Italy, where I enrolled in a drawing and painting course at the Academia dei Belle Artes and had a wonderful experience with