Updated December 15, 2018

Do I have to attend meetings?  My schedule won't let me, and besides, I'm not a morning person.  

No, you don't have to attend meetings but they are fun and full of information. If you come a few times, you'll make some friends and it's likely that you'll want to come back. But each week, shortly after the meeting, a set of Notes is distributed by e-mail. The Notes will let you keep up with what's going on. We ask that you participate in our activities in order to maintain your membership but you don't have to come to meetings.

What does it cost to belong?

You'll be delighted to hear that it is free! We raise a little money through  our Brag Box into which you may (voluntarily) deposit a dollar for anything you'd like to brag about at a meeting. Examples would be selling a piece of art, winning an award, or just getting your new puppy housetrained.

What do you do at your meetings?

Meetings are pretty casual. While some of us are having coffee or breakfast, we plan for current projects , discuss new ideas, learn about what other art or art-related groups are doing, help members to solve problems with their own art efforts, and sometimes work as a group to create art. Often, our members talk about what they do and how they do it.  And we have visitors, usually artists, art-related business owners, and community leaders.

Frequently asked questions . . .

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I have some other questions.  How do I contact you? 

You can click on Contact Us to send an e-mail or you can call Nancy at 410.463.0148.

The only thing I want to do is show my work.  Can I do this with you? 

The short answer to your question is "no." Our shows as a well as appearance on this web site are rewards for those who are active with us. Sorry! Won't you reconsider?

Anything else?

Sometimes we visit local galleries and take day trips to shows or galleries. And we have a little cherished social time together on the Third Tuesday of each month.