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     I have most of my formal training as a graphic designer. Even though I've been in the graphics business forever, it never seems to get old. Each project has a different purpose and fresh challenges and a new set of design decisions to make. I love good writing and appreciate good quality photographs.

     Since moving to Cambridge in 2005, I've been doing other art-related things as well. I'm the Visual Arts Coordinator at the Dorchester Center for the Arts, where I handle the gallery shows and artisans' shop as well as graphic design projects. Finding new artists for exhibits and consignments  

Janette Jones

Fused Glass Jewelry Designer, Gallery Coordinator, Copy Editor

Updated December 15, 2018

at the Center is a good excuse to travel around to other art venues. I also have my own copyediting business and I'm the editor of an online travel publication (

      I enjoy sharing a studio with several other glass artists at Le Hatchery Galleria on Kemp Lane in Easton, where I design and sell fused glass jewelry. There are a number of working artists on site, and we encourage visitors to stop by and say hello.

     Being surrounded by all the creative energy and goodwill of the Wednesday Morning Artists is a great motivator. The Wednesday Morning Artists group is also a useful resource. If you have an art-related question, someone in the group is bound to either know the answer or know how to find it.  We all share our talents and experience. 

      I hope Cambridge continues to attract talented, artistic people. I think communities that promote the arts are the most interesting to live in because they nearly always support creativity, diversity, and new ideas.