Updated November 8, 2018

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Bracelet Silver & Seal Glass $80

Bracelet Silver & Seal Glass $80

Bracelet Silver & Seal Glass $80

Bracelet Silver & Seal Glass $80

     Trial and error plus experience are essental components of the learning process but I also learn from other artists who may or may not be jewelry designers.

     Wednesday Morning Artists has taken me from a crafter to an artist. This is a supportive, accepting group that is willing to give advice, ideas and friendship.


       I'm from all around: grew up in New Jersey, went to college and taught elementary school in Virginia, lived in Southern California, lived near Washington D.C. Then my husband and I found our way to the Eastern Shore.  

     When I started to find sea glass on the beaches of the Chesapeake Bay, I began to ponder and dream about the origins of these beautiful sand-tumbled shards from bottles, dishes, and other long-ago discarded housewares. It has become my passion. The sea glass that I use in my jewelry designs is just as it comes from the beach--I don't reshape it.  The water and sand and time create their own unique patina. It takes more searching to find the perfect pieces but the results are very special. 

Linda Starling

Jewelry Designer, Execuitive Director of Main Street Gallery