Updated February 20, 2017

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Bracelet Silver & Seal Glass $80

Bracelet Silver & Seal Glass $80

Bracelet Silver & Seal Glass $80

Bracelet Silver & Seal Glass $80

     Trial and error plus experience are essental components of the learning process but I also learn from other artists who may or may not be jewelry designers.

     Wednesday Morning Artists has taken me from a crafter to an artist. This is a supportive, accepting group that is willing to give advice, ideas and friendship.


Linda Starling

Jewelry Designer, Execuitive Director of Main Street Gallery


       I'm from all around: grew up in New Jersey, went to college and taught elementary school in Virginia, lived in Southern California, lived near Washington D.C. Then my husband and I found our way to the Eastern Shore.  

     When I started to find sea glass on the beaches of the Chesapeake Bay, I began to ponder and dream about the origins of these beautiful sand-tumbled shards from bottles, dishes, and other long-ago discarded housewares. It has become my passion. The sea glass that I use in my jewelry designs is just as it comes from the beach--I don't reshape it.  The water and sand and time create their own unique patina. It takes more searching to find the perfect pieces but the results are very special.