Updated November 8, 2018

Pure Gardenia. Oil on canvasboard. 10 x 10.

Framed giclee $125.

Blue Profile. Photograph. $95.

Elegant Mum. Photograph.

The Wave. Oil on canvasboard. 8 x 10.

Framed giclee $125.

Moonlight. Oil on canvasboard. 8 x 10.

Framed giclee $125.

Chincoteague. Photograph.

Only One. Oil on stretched canvas. 10 x 20.

Framed gicleee $125.

Solitude. Oil on stretched canvas. 12 x 16.

Framed giclee $125.

Tulip Freeze. Oil on canvasboard. 8 x 10.

Framed giclee $125.


Lemon Bowl. Oil on canvasboard. 8 x 10.

Framed giclee $125.

Maryland Susan. Photograph. $95.

Heron Among the Reeds. Photograph. $95.

Winterberries. Oil on canvasboard. 8 x 10.

Framed giclee $125.


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     I'm a developing photographer and painter, studying and working diligently.  I've been a resident of the Eastern Shore for more than 30 years and my eye for pleasing and interesting subjects in the area is keen. I've lived in several communities including Royal Oak, Easton and Cambridge.

     Much of my 30 years has been spent in the residential real estate market so I've traveled much of the region and have seen some of the most beautiful properties and vistas around.  I've also traveled extensively throughout the US, Europe, and the Caribbean/West Indies. 

     My other interests include boating, reading and volunteering at the Dorchester Center for the Arts and Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge.

     I do hope you will enjoy my oil paintings and photographs. If you have questions or would like to purchase something, please let me know.

Lois McKenzie

Painter, Photographer