Updated December 15, 2018

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     I've received a lot of support and inspiration from the Wednesday Morning Artists. And I'm now regularly involved with the Baywater Camera Club here in Cambridge. 

     I also have a love for wildlife and you will find me at Blackwater National Refuge a few times a week to look and wait for opportunities.  

     I was born and raised in Cambridge. I moved away temporarily to attend Baltimore City College and Frederick Community College for training as a medical secretary. My grandparents founded Bradye P. Todd & Son Seafood. My parents owned Monte Printing and Publishing Company. My mother's family owns the Ocean Odyssey Seafood Restaurant on Route 50. So I eventually returned to Cambridge.

     I'm a developing photographer. I've always loved taking pictures. My father gave me my very first camera when I was about six years old, a little box camera. And I've always loved horses so they are one of my very favorite subjects. I look for the love that occurs between the human and the animal. 

Pam Montell Decraecke

Photographer, Painter