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Ted Mueller



Updated December 15, 2018

Morning Blues

Log Canoe

Runway Beauty

The Wharf

Ravenal Bridge

After years of engineering and science, Ted rediscovered the joy of photography and is using his "right brain" to produce his art. Photography to Ted is both a creative process and a technical process. He prefers photographic art over photojournalism, so many of his images are digitally enhanced. Ted enjoys adding a creative flair to his images and he frequently adds textures, blur, or creates composite images for the final products. He prints his photos using high quality pigment inks and archival paper to produce exceptional, museum-quality works.

A graduate of the New York Institute of Photography and numerous workshops, Ted's an active member of the Tidewater Camera Club and several artists' groups in Dorchester and Talbot counties; an event photographer for What's Up Magazine and the Avalon Foundation; a teacher of photography for the Academy Art Museum. He also is a regular exhibitor on the Eastern Shore at Academy Art Museum, Dorchester Center for the Arts, Chesapeake Colllege, Candleberry Gallery, Le Hatchery Gallery, and libraries throughout the Shore, to name a few. Learn more at or follow him on Facebook @tedmuellerphotography.