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Murder at Mother Trucker's

Writings by Terry L. White

Novels and Book-Length Prose

     The Picker

     Ancient Memories

     Mystick Moon

     The Last Priestess

     Bride of the Condor

     Nazca Star


     Hell or High Water

     Hang Your Head Over

     Planning Community Events Made Easy

     Chesapeake Harvest

     Chesapeake Legacy

     Chesapeake Destiny

     Chesapeake Visions

     Vienna Pride

     First Waltz

     Random Apples: Autumn Stories, Milton and the Mermaid

     Murder at Mama Trucker's


     Exit Plans


     Runaway Hearts

     Myth to Me


 Other Works

     Crazy Quilt (Editor's Choice Award)

     News writer for daily paper (twice cited for excellence

      in community journalism)



     Crazy Quilt

     Growing Up Wild

     Dorchester Harvest

     Morf Makes Good

     Glinda's Crystal Garden

     The Kissing Ball

     No Dishes to Wash


     Comfort Zone: Originals

     Frog Song: Originals, Gospel

     KFC Songwriting Competition (honorable mention)

A few of my dolls.

And yet a few more dolls.

Some of my books.

My Cleopatra necklace and bracelet.

A few more of my dolls.

that we were Mohawk Indians. I am fascinated by the native culture and I'm sure this plays a part in my interest in the beads and beading that I use in my jewelry designs and my doll-making.

Terry L. White

Writer, Musician, Sculptor, Jewelry Designer, Doll-Maker


     I was born in Schenectady, New York, and raised in the Appalachain Mountains of northern Pennsylvania,  the oldest of 8. We were pretty poor and  we learned to not waste anything. This has taught me to find the potential in things that others might discard.

     My father wanted us to succeed. He bought us the Encyclopedia Brittanica when I was about 12 and I think I read all of it. He would paste our drawings on a masonite board and cut them into jigsaw puzzles for us to play with.  He saw our work as valuable, so it was. 

     I was a young adult when I learned the family secret:   

     I 'm probably mostly known as a writer because I've published some 20 novels and have another in the works at this time. There's a list at the bottom of the page. My Chesapeake Heritage series is probably my best known series. It comprises 5 novels and they follow the settlement of the Eastern Shore and Dorchester County from colonization to the end of World War I. This is the history of one plantation and the woman who lived on it, offering a more feminine view of the Chesapeake area.  

     Runaway Hearts is a series of long poems based on the history of the area. It seems to be one of my more popular items. It has even been read on Radio for the Blind.   

     All books, including those in ebook format are available at Amazon.com.  Books also are available directly from the author for $20 including Maryland sales tax.

     Dolls and Glinda's Crystal Garden are available at Dragonfly Galleria on Route 50 in Cambridge.  Jewelry is available at Ewell House on Kemp Lane in Easton. 

     Visit my  blog, Terry White's Book Blog, for 300 posts about my work and world view.