Black-Eyed Susans $50

#11 HRH Queen

#65 Diving for Gold

#68 Propeller Flippers

     I don't have a studio for you to visit but you can reach me at And my web site is under construction. Also look for me at Showcase, September 21, 2014 on High Street in Cambridge.

     I'm a photographer of whatever looks interesting: local churches, flowers, wildlife, landscapes, sunrises, and more. My camera is always with me so I can capture that one-of-a-kind picture.

     Most of my photos are unretouched but there are those special photos that can be used to produce creative, unique results. I have a series called "A Study in Color" in which I have used some of my photos of leaves, flowers, bricks, bark and trees to create a multi-colored, framed collage.

     My work can be seen at Dragonfly Galleria in Cambridge, certain shows at the Dorchester Center for the Arts, and in some downtown Cambridge windows. Prices range from $20 for a framed mini to $125 for a framed 8 x 10.

Updated September 3, 2017

Floating Daffodil $50

Alstroemeria Satirne Lily $75

#30 Christ Church

#34 Standing Guard

#48 The Beauty That is Dorchester 

#57 Caged Sad Eyes

  #23C Snowy Wheels

#59 Caged Freedom

Wendy Rue


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#56 Scarlet Macaw

#43 Cloud Tornado

  #13 Misty Sunrise

#19 Blackwater Marsh