Updated December 15, 2018

Floating Daffodil $50

Alstroemeria Satirne Lily $75

Black-Eyed Susans $50

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#30 Christ Church

#34 Standing Guard

#56 Scarlet Macaw

#43 Cloud Tornado

#48 The Beauty That is Dorchester 

#57 Caged Sad Eyes

#11 HRH Queen

  #13 Misty Sunrise

#19 Blackwater Marsh

  #23C Snowy Wheels

#59 Caged Freedom

#65 Diving for Gold

#68 Propeller Flippers

     I don't have a studio for you to visit but you can reach me at wendywood1980@yahoo.com. And my web site is under construction. Also look for me at Showcase, September 21, 2014 on High Street in Cambridge.

Wendy Rue



     I'm a photographer of whatever looks interesting: local churches, flowers, wildlife, landscapes, sunrises, and more. My camera is always with me so I can capture that one-of-a-kind picture.

     Most of my photos are unretouched but there are those special photos that can be used to produce creative, unique results. I have a series called "A Study in Color" in which I have used some of my photos of leaves, flowers, bricks, bark and trees to create a multi-colored, framed collage.

     My work can be seen at Dragonfly Galleria in Cambridge, certain shows at the Dorchester Center for the Arts, and in some downtown Cambridge windows. Prices range from $20 for a framed mini to $125 for a framed 8 x 10.